Our platform is based on a modular architecture simple to modify, expand and learn. Bitprim is a high performance Satoshi Client implementation focused on users requiring extra performance and flexibility, what makes it the best platform for Wallets, Exchanges, Block Explorers and Miners.

We actively collaborate with Bitcoin ABC to improve the development of Bitcoin Cash.
Bitcoin Cash
Bitprim’s node implementation has an engine fully compatible with any cryptocurrency based on the original Satoshi Client, which is the foundation   of many of the most widely adopted cryptocurrencies in the market.
Multi-coin support
We provide support for multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) among others, with the possibility to include other tokens.
Language Agnostic Interface
Our platform supports multiple programming languages: C, C++, Go, Python, Node, C# and others.
RPC Support
Full RPC support to be compatible with software that currently relies on other BCH, BTC and LTC implementations.
Bitprim is the perfect platform for users willing to modify or expand standard features. We provide a wide variety of services for the development and maintenance of cryptocurrency software.

We encourage our users to be part of the process of continuous improvement, through our means of support and consulting that allow us to identify the needs of our users in order to achieve new developments and implementations.
Development Development
Implementation Implementation
Support Support
Training Training
Consultancy Consultancy
Since 2014, we have been creating tools that help and attract developers to boost a massive adoption of cryptocurrencies.
This was achieved thanks to our multidisciplinary team trained to integrate and collaborate with other teams to achieve the objectives set, without leaving aside our transparency, professionalism and customer service that has always been our goal.

Bitprim headquarters are based in Argentina.
We are open for contributors and looking for full time developers.
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Blockdozer explorer
The most outstanding products in the market.
Our products stand out for their great performance and great response for our users. We have specialized teams to attend to and improve each of our products.
Bitprim Node
Bitprim’s Node is a high performance compatible implementation of the original Satoshi client, updated to natively support BCH, BTC and LTC.
Keoken is a second layer solution that involves a digital accounting assets and secure smart contracts platform; it allows transfers of value between parties, and the implementation of business rules required to run most common activities.
Blockdozer explorer
Blockdozer explorer is the fastest BCH browser on the market. It is an online blockchain browser that shows the contents of BCH and BTC. Blockdozer is using all the potential of Bitprim’s node.
Blockdrome allows you to explore the entire chain of blocks of the Ethereum platform and is one of the most complete explorers.
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