Binary install for any system

conan remote add bitprim
# download
conan install .

Automatic Installation using script for Linux:

Tested on Ubuntu 16.04/17.04 and Fedora 26

This script will automatically try to install cmake, pip and conan. Then it will use conan to install Bitprim (files will be installed in a bitprim directory created under the current working directory)

wget -qO- | bash

Build from source:

Conan is used to download boost, gmp, zlib and bzip2 to avoid conflict between versions

After installing all the requirements, clone the repository, use conan to install external dependencies such as libboost and compile using cmake.

For example (linux):

conan remote add bitprim
git clone --recursive
cd bitprim
mkdir build
cd build
conan install ..
cmake ..
make -j4

Docker Image

For your convenience a Docker image is provided use docker pull bitprim/bitprim to pull it, the DockerFile used to build the image can be found here

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